About this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to share information about my mission trip to Cambodia with family and friends.  The trip will be from November 26 through December 11, 2010.  I plan to post information prior to going on the trip.  Then, I will attempt to post events during the trip as quickly as I can for those who are following along with me.  Hopefully some of you reading this blog will feel led by the Lord to pray for me prior to the trip and while I am on the trip.  This blog will help provide useful information for those who are praying for me, the other team members, and those whom we will be serving while I am on this trip.

I will be a member of a Medical Mission team to Cambodia.  The trip is under the auspices of TransformAsia and is facilitated by Partnership International.
My first Medical Mission to Cambodia was last year about the same time.  I was invited by Reese Hurley, a veteran missionary who was already scheduled to go on this trip.  (Center in photo)  The Team was led by Sam Hopper.  (Right in left)  It was a wonderful experience.  I saw God work in mighty ways while I served in the medical clinics.  The main task that I performed last year was to help in the pharmacy.

How the Medical Clinics are Conducted
The basic procedure for the medical clinics is for medical doctors to perform triage on the individuals who come seeking aid.  They then write a prescription for vitamins and basic over-the-counter type medications that can help with their complaint.

Then the prescriptions are filled by those working in the pharmacy.  That's where I served! :)   After the individual receives their vitamins and medications they are then invited to join the 'prayer line.'  Nearly everyone went through the prayer line.

There, in the 'prayer line' special prayer warriors prayed for the needy.  I saw God work in miraculous ways healing those who came through the prayer line.  This was truly a wonderful experience to be part of this mighty working of God!  The excitement, the anticipation of what God was going to do next was electrifying.  I wish many of you could participate in a mission trip like this!  I believe it would energize your daily walk with Jesus Christ!