Medical Clinic Schedule

This is the schedule of the Medical Clinics, as it actually happened.
Note that the Bold type means we conducted medical clinics at the location.  Also "villages" and "districts" are relatively the same thing, a small governmental entity.

Sat. Nov 27 --  Team arrives in Phnom Penh around 10:00 PM.  Spend the first night in Phnom Penh at the Asian Palace Hotel.

Sun. Nov 28 -- In Phnom Penh, go to the church founded by TransformAsia in the upstairs of TransforAsia's Office.  After church we tour the renovations of TransformAsia's office that Glen and Evelyn Cobb have been helping with.  After lunch we visit the "Killing Fields" museum.  We also have a Team meeting and prayer.  Spend the night in Phnom Penh at the Asian Palace Hotel.

Mon. Nov 29 --  Kdol village at Pastor Sarom's church.  Spend the night in Kampong Chhnang.

Tue. Nov 30 -- Chroneak village, 15 km from City of  Kampong Chhnang.  Spend the night in Kampong Chhnang.

Wed. Dec 1   --   Samroung District.  Spend the night in the City of Pousat.

Thur. Dec  2   --   Rokakiri village, about 60km from Bat Dambang.  Spend the night in Bat Dambang.

Fri. Dec  3   --   Kaaskrolaw village, about 50km from Bat Dambang.  Spend the night in Bat Dambang.

Sat. Dec  4  --   Bak rou tas village, about one hour from Bat Dambang traveling on a bumpy road along a river.   Spend the night in Bat Dambang.

Sun. Dec  5  --  Worship at TransformAsia's Women's Center in Bat Dambang,  rest.  Spend night in Bat Dambang

Mon. Dec  6  --  Phnum Sampov village, close to Bat Dambang.  Spend the night in Bat Dambang. 

Tue. Dec  7  --   Kouk Khmum village, Pastor Timothy's village.  Pastor Timothy is a Cambodian Pastor on our team.  On this day I leave the team and go to the David Center Orphanage to inspect the sanitation problems there.  John Clark takes me there, the van driver is Dang (who has a nickname of "Boom").  The translator who goes with us is Chan Nam.  It is about a 3.5 hour drive and we there around 3:30 PM.  John and I spend the night in the town of Anlong Veaeng.   The Medical Mission Team stays and finishes the clinic and then goes to the City of Poipet in western Cambodia near the border with Thailand.   The Team spends the night in Poipet.  Kurt and John spend the night in Anlong Veaeng.

Wed. Dec  8  --   Poipet.  Kurt is not with the Team at this clinic, he is at the David Center Orphanage in Anlong Veaeng inspecting the sanitation problem there.  When the Team finishes the clinic in Poipet they travel for a couple of hours to Siem Reab.  Kurt and John leave the David Center Orphanage in the afternoon and drive about 1.5 hours to Siem Reab.  Kurt and John meet up with the Team in Siem Reab. 

Thur. Dec 9  --   Some of the Team members go to TransformAsia's feeding center in the morning and then visit the Angkor Wat temples in the afternoon.  The rest of the Team Members spend all day touring the Angkor Wat temples.  The Team spends the night in Siem Reap.  The entire Team, including all the translators, the van drivers and the drama team have a final evening meal together.  The restaurant had traditional Khmer dances that everyone enjoyed.  It was a great time of fellowship and celebration for what God had done on the mission trip!  Spend the night in Siem Reab.

Fri. Dec 10 --  Take the final group Team photos at the Siem Reab hotel.  The Drama Team separates from the group and heads back to Bat Dambang.  The Medical Mission Team and the translators head back to Phnom Penh.  Several Team members are to leave the airport Friday night at midnight to head back to USA.

Sat. Dec  11  -- Spend the day flying back to USA.