The David Center Orphanage

I would like to provide you with some information on the David Center Orphanage founded by Setan and Randa Lee.  It is located in Anlong Veng.  You can find Anlong Veng on one of the maps posted at the bottom of this page.  It is in the northern part of Cambodia near the border with Thailand.  It is also near the Dangret Mountains.  This area of northern Cambodia is one of the areas where the Khmer Rouge soldiers lived, a place of killing.  It is amazing that there is now an orphanage in a place where once there was so much death!

How it was started
(The following information on how the Orphanage was started was taken from Transform Asia's web site.)
In the mid-1990’s the Lord called Setan to take a bold step – Setan sensed the clear prompting of God to venture into the Khmer Rouge stronghold and share the love of Christ with one of the Khmer Rouge’s most notorious generals.  At that time the Khmer Rouge had been pushed into the jungles of northern Cambodia from whence they continued a campaign of terror, regularly carrying out assassinations, bombings and random acts of violence.  Their territory was heavily mined making entrance into their domain perilous and life threatening.  Filled with fear and uncertainty, yet compelled by the love and call of Christ, Setan prepared for the dangerous journey into enemy territory.  In a truly miraculous display of God’s power and mercy, rather than being met with retribution and death, Setan had the privilege of leading a Khmer Rouge general, made known to Setan by the infamous “Brother Number Three,” to a new life through a transforming relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  After the general's conversion, he took Setan deep into the jungle to see many children whose parents and families had died in the reign of terror of the Khmer Rouge.  Among the land mines and wild animals they met child after child surviving in the jungle on their own.  The general pleaded with Setan to provide for these orphans whom the general referred to as, “my children.”  Though Setan was uncertain of how it could come about, God confirmed His own call to him through the words of James 1:27 – “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans.”  The David Center orphanage, named in honor of Setan’s nephew who died in his youth, was established in response to God’s call on Setan’s life.  Today, the children of the David Center are excelling in their education and are being raised up to be the generation who will be used of God in the transformation of Cambodian society. 

Center's namesake
The namesake of the orphanage is David Hou.  "David was Setan's nephew who was his older sister's only son.   When David was born, Setan had no children and pretty much helped to raise him as his own son.  As a matter of fact, David called Setan, Daddy." (Quotation taken from Miracle in the Forgotten Land, pg 100.)  David tragically drowned at the age of 19 in a lake in Nebraska.  During the period of Setan's grieving over David's death the Lord spoke to Setan.  "I'm bringing David home and giving you his name for a new work I want you to do."  That work was the orphanage in Anlong Veng. 
When I was at the orphanage I noticed a large beautiful painting on the wall of David and took a photograph of it.

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