Wednesday, December 8, 2010

David Center Orphanage - Sanitation

John Clark and I finished our survey of the David Center Orphanage sanitation problem.  About $2,000 would solve an immediate problem.  If anyone wishes to give a unique Christmas present, consider contributing to improving the sanitation conditions at the David Center Orphanage helping 51 children and the staff.
Problem & Solution
The current bathroom facility discharges toilet waste to holding tanks which are pumped out; a 'pump and  haul' waste disposal system.  The holding tanks are currently undersized.  This can be remidied quickly.  A local concrete pipe manufacturer makes (approximately) 36" diameter tongue and groove pipe in 3 foot joints which can be stacked together to make a holding tank.  Two joints can make a nice size tank which can be easily doubled by setting two of these side by side connecting them with a pipe.  The local manufacturer also knows individuals in the village that have the capability to excavate the pit for these tanks, set them and do the pipework.  All the other materials that can make this system work are locally available also.  I estimate that $2,000 would cover the labor and materials including some contingency to completely replace the current holding tanks.  The new system that will provide larger capacity and a better enclosure reducing the potential for vector attraction.  This would provide immediate relief to the residents at the center.  So, if those of you reading this feel led by the Lord to help out you  can simply contact me at and I can put you in contact with the appropriate individual.  This would be a great blessing to the children and staff at the center!  A very nice Christmas present! :)
I will write more on the David Center and try to post photos as I make my trek around Siem Reap looking for high bandwidth internet.
God Bless!

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