Sunday, December 5, 2010

Watt's Mom

One of the translators that I have become close friends with is "Watt."  That's his American nickname (like 100 watt lightbulb).  His real name is Sereiwath.  They pronounce the th like a t, so the last part of his name 'wath' he pronounces as "watt", so that's how he got his nickname.
His mother accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour Sunday morning!  Praise God!
The Story
Watt was very concerned for his mother, father and sister.  His mother was opened to the Gospel, but was afraid of the Buddhist god.  She was also afraid of her ancestors, I think I understood Watt to say that she was afraid if she accepted Jesus, that her ancestors (who were Buddhists) would come haunt her.  Watt's sister accepted Jesus, but according to Watt, has become confused and waffles back and forth between Buddhism and being a follower of Jesus.  Watt's family lives in Battambang.  We have been staying in Battambang for several nights, so Watt has been going home and talking to his mother.  Sunday after church Watt invited several members of the Team and some of his friends who are translators to go to his house and talk to his family.  He wanted us to share the Gospel with them, answer quetsions that they might have with the hope that they might accept Jesus as their personal Savior.  We arrived at the Watts home and I was stunned.  I have not be exposed to this kind of home in Cambodia yet.  It is on the 'other side of the fence' regarding the poor people we have been helping.  Watt's father is the District Chief of Battambang, a very high ranking official.  Battambang's population is over 100,000, so he is like the mayor of a city of that size.  But I think more powerful, more important, than a mayor that we are used to in the USA.  Their home is stunningly beautiful.  Many wealthy people in the USA would love to have a home like Watt's.  I will try to upload a picture of their home after I post this text, but it probably won't go through.  At any rate, we entered the home and met his mother, father and sister. We exchanged some greetings and preliminary talk.  They are very loving, caring people, I instantly felt drawn to them.  During the course of the conversation Watt's mother informed us all that early in Sunday morning she prayed to accept Jesus as her personal Saviour! What great news. She said the night before Watt had talked to her for about 3 hours.  She thought about what he said to her, she thought about the Gospel and her heart was opened up to Jesus to receive Him as her personal savior.  Praise the Lord.  We talked about a lot of things related to the Gospel and during the conversation Watt's dad received a telephone call and he had to leave to attend a meeting. He expressed his apologies and left.  After he left Watt's mother took us on a tour of them home.  Absolutley beautiful, teakwood everywhere.  Their home is 3 stories high, we went to the very top which is open for viewing.  You can see all across Battambang from the top of their house.  We could see the hotel we were staying at.  Up there, on the top of the roof we had wonderful fellowship. Watt's mother has pain in her joints (probably arthritis) and we prayed for healing for her joint pain.  Then we went downstairs to the front of the room she dedicated to the Buddha god.  Where the idols where.  She was afraid that ghosts related to Buddha would haunt her. We circled around her there, held hands, and prayed that Jesus would surround their home and protect them from Satan's attacks. Then we finally went downstairs to their lining room and prayed for a blessing on their whole family and that Watt's father would come to know Jesus and his sister would be strengthened in the Lord.
Also, during the course of all of this one of the translators who is Buddhist, Nary, (her nickname is Nary, her real name is Cham Nan) informed the group that she accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour during the church service Sunday morning!  What an awesome Day! Praise God!
A note concerning future blog posts
There are others out there who are reading this blog - some members of the Team have asked for the web site address for this blog and are interested in news and information about the trip.  There is so much to tell.  And I am so very limited with the slow internet speed.  I wish I could upload videos of testimonies and photos.  I intend to complete this blog with videos and photos (God willing) when I return to the USA and can get on true high bandwidth.  So if you want to check back to see photos and videos of some of these events hopefully it will be there for you.

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